We strive to prolong life and significantly improve the well-being of one and all. This objective is achieved by providing those who need it with effectively proven medications, and advocating a culture of responsible consumption and prescription of remedies.

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Our goal is to become a truly global healthcare company. By offering innovative treatment options, we want to help people live active lives well into their 100s.

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Business Honesty. 
We offer our consumers only evidence-based pharmaceuticals in accordance with a large majority of reliable treatment guidelines.
We are committed to the codes of conduct of pharmaceutical manufacturing associations in each country in which we currently work.

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Employee Respect.
We follow a democratic system of governance, and as such, our employees benefit from not only the result but also the process.
Responsibility, initiative, sincerity, continued education, and honesty – these are the values on which our company is based.

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Vision-driven Ambitions
Aicore is a consumer-oriented pharmaceutical company with a social mission. Because of this philosophy, employees are motivated to continue building a great portfolio, expanding the Company's geographical presence, and advancing Research & Development.

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