Countries: Ukraine, Moldova

Laboratoires Grand Fontaine is an international healthcare company specialized in investigating, developing, and manufacturing adult medical nutrition products. This company specializes in science-based nutritional solutions for a large segment of the population.
Thanks to its FontActiv® range, Laboratoires Grand Fontaine offers a wide variety of products made from innovative nutrients and ingredients and designed to improve the health of different patients and the elderly: high intake of proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals, reduction of the glycemic index, reinforcement of the immune system and regulation of intestinal transit. The FontActiv® range brings advanced recipes and appetizing natural ingredients for treating malnutrition, dehydration, sarcopenia, diabetes, and dysphagia, as well as many other disorders.

FontActiv ® - a complete Range of Active Medical Nutrition Products. The FontActiv ® range offers a wide selection of following products for the nutritional management of patients and individuals.

FontActiv ® Complete - Complete nutritional supplement with fiber high protein and calorie to stay strong and active. Available in the following packages: powder in a can, liquid form in a bottle, or tetra pak.

FontActiv ® DiaBest - Complete low-glycemic product with a high content of protein and fiber. For adults who need nutritional support due to glycemic disorders. Available in the following packages: powder in a can, liquid form in bottle or tetra pak.

FontActiv ® Junior - Complete and balanced nutrition powder with fiber. Designed for children between 1-14 years, in case of low appetite, intense physical activity, etc. Available in the following packages: powder in a can, liquid form in a bottle.

FontActiv ® 1,0 and 1,5 - Nutritionally complete, high energy, high protein drink for the dietary management of malnutrition in critical clinical stages. Designed for patients treated in Intensive Care Units (ICU). Available in pouch form.

FontActiv ® 2,0 - Nutritionally complete, high energy, high protein drink for the dietary management of malnutrition in critical clinical stages. Designed for patients treated in hospitals. Available in a liquid form in a bottle.

FontActiv ® Thickener Clear - Module of xanthan gum to thicken food and liquid for patients with swallowing and chewing disorders (dysphagia). Available in the following packages: powder in a can.

FontActiv ® Aqua Gel - Gellyfied water for safe hydration in swallowing disorders. Available in 125 g cups.

FontActiv ® Crème - Complete diet high protein high calorie with creamy texture. Available in 200 g cups.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Grand Fontaine, S.L., Spain




Countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Romania


APAGARD has the largest market share in the high-performance whitening toothpaste segment in Japan since 1995. Sales of SANGI’S remineralizing toothpastes in Japan have reached more than 130 million tubes over the past four decades.

APAGARD is a pioneer enamel restorative toothpaste, first developed by SANGI in Japan. Thanks to APAGARD’s unique active ingredient, Sangi’s Hydroxyapatite “(<mHAP®>)”, APAGARD enhances whiteness by replacing mineral to restore the translucency, gloss, and density of tooth enamel. APAGARD also restores smoothness to the enamel, increasing resistance to plaque and stains and to tooth decay.

Apagard M Plus - For Healthy white teeth. Higher volume for family use

Apagard Smokin’ - Contains PEG and PVP for extra protection against stains (cigarettes, wine, coffee, etc.)

Apagard Premio - Increased content, for greater natural whitening and anti-caries effect. It also contains xylitol.

Manufacturer: Sangi, Japan.



radio pack big

RadioProtect®, soothing and calming cream.

RadioProtect® - soothing and calming cream to be used on the skin irritated after exposure to UV and ionizing radiation, sunbathing or using sunbeds.

To protect the skin specialists working with UV and ionizing radiation, sunbeds workers. Also recommended for skin care in patients receiving chemotherapy.

The cream contains natural ingredients. Resveratrol and natural bioflavonoids contained in the cream neutralize the action of free radicals and may support the skin’s protective function.

The cream has soothing and calming properties, reduces the feeling of heat and burning. It efficiently nourishes and lubricates the skin, which regains its natural comfort and remains smooth and supple. 

Form: cream for external use, 100 ml in a tube,  in a cardboard box with instructions for use.

Manufacturer: Aurea Pharma, Poland. 



MucoDry X, gentle mouth spray.

Gentle mouth spray that stops mouth dryness and painful swallowing after radiotherapy and taking medicines (xerostomia). Prevents bad breath (halitosis). Recommended for diabetics and older people.

MucoDry X is medical device recommended for patients suffering of xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome after radiotherapy or taking medicines.

Alleviates symptoms when suffering of dry mouth complaints, protects mouth tissue against small irritations and a burning feeling, gives a fresh feeling in your mouth and reduces bad breath (halitosis) or taste. Reduces the feeling of having a dry mouth and makes speaking and swallowing easier. Recommended also for diabetics and older people

MucoDry X spray has an immediate effect, ensures that your mouth is moist for a long period and stimulates the saliva production.

MucoDry X is alcohol free.

Form: 20 ml (118 single dosages) in a spray bottle.

Manufacturer: Aurea Pharma, Poland.


ChemoDry B6, cream for dry and sensitive skin.

A specialist skincare preparation for dry and sensitive skin, particularly on hands and feet. It is also recommended for persons undergoing chemotherapy.

The formula is based on natural ingredients of the highest quality, it contains, among others: urea, allantoin, vitamins: E and B6, hyaluronate, Q10 coenzyme and panthenol.

Thanks to the content of allantoin and panthenol, it nourishes irritated skin; it has soothing and calming properties. Hyaluronate and Q10 coenzyme accelerate the regeneration of dry and sensitive skin and maintain it in good condition.

The cream provides intensive lubrication and deep hydration. The skin becomes soft, smooth and firm. The cream is very well absorbed and leaves a delicate protective layer on the skin.

Form: cream for external use, 50 ml in a tube.

Manufacturer: Aurea Pharma, Poland.