AIVIAL (Tibolone) is a prescription medicine that is similar to taking combined HRT (estrogen and progestogen). It's taken as a tablet once a day.

It can help relieve symptoms such as hot flushes, low mood, and reduced sex drive. Also, AIVIAL (Tibolone) prevents bone loss, improves vaginal atrophy and urogenital symptoms (e.g., vaginal dryness, dyspareunia). Some clinical studies have suggested it may be as effective as combined HRT.

It's only suitable for women who had their last period more than a year ago (known as post-menopause).

Side effects of tibolone can include tummy (abdominal) pain, pelvic pain, breast tenderness, itching, and vaginal discharge. Risks of tibolone are similar to the risks of HRT and include an increased risk of breast cancer and strokes.

Age: Treatment of estrogen deficiency symptoms in postmenopausal women, more than one year after menopause.
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