Aicore is an expert in the pharmaceutical industry in Eastern Europe.

Distribution and marketing
Our main activity is distributing and marketing medicines, medical devices, skincare, and oral care products.
Intensive care, otolaryngology, allergology, oncology, OTC, dentistry, and FMCG are the niches we work in. The primary target audiences of our marketing activities are various specialties doctors, pharmacy workers, and dental clinics. Evidence-based product effectiveness - is the main principle of choosing products to be added to our portfolio. We are open to exclusive marketing and distribution proposals in the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, and Moldova.
Aicore can provide consulting services for you to concern with the way of promotional and distribution strategy in the above-mentioned countries.

Professional consulting services rendered by Aicore provide a wide range of sales and marketing tools, outsourcing, and technology offerings for medical and pharmaceutical small, and medium businesses companies as well as for companies with no experience which are looking for any opportunities in the healthcare market.

Aicore promotes its own products as well as products of partners that allow us to provide consulting services based on our own experience.

Aicore’s regulatory team in countries of Eastern Europe can support you in establishing an efficient registration strategy. We can consult you in terms of the legal and regulatory requirements and ensure a clear path to market access to your products.

Aicore and its partner company Clinical Life Sciences, have wide experience in clinical trials. As of 2023, we have three ongoing trials of our own and customers’ products.

Protocol design - we consider protocol elements and how they will meet the local Authorities' requirements for the clinical trial execution.

Clinical regulatory support - our clinical regulatory experts can serve our customers considering their needs, including searching for sites, providing expert advice, and facilitating communication with regulatory agencies.

Also, we provide our clients with comprehensive strategic regulatory consulting and support in obtaining approval from Authorities. Clinical advisory expertise allows us to support our customers in their interactions with regulatory agencies.

If you are looking for an opportunity in dynamically growing markets in Eastern Europe, please get in touch with us by email, and we would love to support you.