Aicore begins cooperation with Aurena Laboratories

Aurena Laboratories (Sweden), a pioneer in implementing the Bag on Valve technology, starts developing a new product line for Aicore under the brand NORMARIN®. 

NORMARIN® is a range of seawater and saline nasal sprays used as adjuvant therapy to treat different ENT disorders and as daily nasal hygiene relief for babies and adults.

NORMARIN SINUS and NORMARIN ALLERGY help relieve symptoms connected with stuffy nose in common colds, rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, and allergic rhinitis.

NORMARIN DAILY and NORMARIN BABY are to be used as routine nasal hygiene sprays.
Aicore began a collaboration with Aurena Laboratories because they are one of the leading producers of Bag On Valve products, but also because they understand the concept of the Company’s product portfolio. Normarin is only the first in this product line to be developed in collaboration.